Busting Windows

Sergio and I had been arguing about music.

Can you judge a person’s character based on their record collection?

“Hardly a good a good reason,” I said.

“Exactly.” Sergio shouted as he jumped up, “It’s the ONLY reason!”

Cricket was over, monitoring the situation from the comfy chair to the side. It was good naturedly antagonistic. Heated, but arguing for the sake of it.

Things went south when the beer ran out. Unwilling to end, I started pouring coffee cups full of LaCroix and knockoff gin. And I don’t remember exactly what I said, but it must have been golden because he told me to “Fuck off.” And he threw his coffee mug at me. I knocked it aside and it glanced off my arm through the front window.

You expect windows to shatter, but it doesn’t work like that. The coffee cup just busted a hole about as big as it was. With spider cracks running to the frames.

I shouted out, “You dickhead! You just threw a coffee cup through my window!”

Sergio paused for just a second. “No I didn’t.”

“I threw it at you.”

Which sort of stopped everything.